History of UPF

The Utah Pasifika Festival (UPF) organization was formed in 2010 in Provo, Utah out of the pure desire to not only bolster appreciation for and understanding of our Polynesian culture within our communities, but to also ensure our rich heritage is preserved for future generations. The self-named event, chaired by the Planning Committee, debuted in May 2011 and has achieved growing attendance and popularity each year.

Whats in store for UPF

Currently a volunteer based organization governed by a Board of Directors, UPF has benefited from generous reinforcement and donations from community members of various backgrounds. We anticipate our present pursuit of not-for-profit, or 501(c)3, status in the United States, as outlined by the Internal Revenue Service, will help to guarantee continual, long lasting support throughout the years. and popularity each year.

The vision of our UPF group has truly grown into the vision of many, and for that we are most grateful.