Musical Fireside

One of the programs included in Utah Pasifika Festival, is that of the Po Hiva, where We as a committee thought it would be nice to start or end off each years Festival with the Spritual part of things, to give us that extra little “pick me up” that we can all use at times, that can only be found through the sharing of music and its uplifting messages.

What is Po Hiva

The phrase Po Hiva, comes from the Tongan Language, which translates to, Po, meaning evening or night, and Hiva, meaning to sing, or song. The Po Hiva is a night where we have the opportunity to enjoy the musical talents of those from the community. A night where we as a community can show our support and appreciation to all those who have taken time from their busy schedules to participate, and volunteer in making each years Po Hiva possible for all to enjoy.

It is not only a night of singing, but a night where messages of Love, Friendship and Acts of Kindness, are conveyed through song & music. A night where we as a Community, can apply the things we learn from the various songs performed, not only in our own lives, but with those of whom we interact with on a daily basis. A time that we can reflect on working together and building up our community in becoming one.

If you are interested in being a part of this years Po Hiva
Please contact: Alamoti Lavaki at alamoti@utahpasifikafestival.com